Lactoferin is a glycoproteine of the transferrin family characterized by two similar lobes, each provided with a site capable of reversing a ferric ion. This gives it a high iron-forming ability. All this results in the oral dosage of lactoferrin not only the hemoglobin blood concentration, but also serum concentration of red blood cells.

Because of it’s outstanding antibacterial action, inhibition of pathologic micro-organisms, anti-inflammatory action, lactofferin is considered a good therapeutic method for acne and for many problems.

Main activities: high ability to bind the iron reversibility (300 times higher than other transferrels). High antimicrobial action and protection of mucous surfaces.

Therapeutic use: iron deficiency, acne, but more important it is anti-inflammatory action. How to use (iron deficiency): lactoferin is indicated for a physiological improvement in iron metabolism in cases of deficiency and to poor nutrition or increased need ( pregnancy). You can use lactoferrin for anti-inflammatory action in general.

Take 2 capsules a day, in the mornings and evenings away from meals.

Warnings: the preparation is well tolerated at dosage of 200mg per day. In pregrant women there are no side effects related to iron intake ( nausea). Lactoferrin is counter indicated in cases of milk intollerance.