LILIMED is a food supplement that can be taken by any woman who takes the pill, is breastfeeding or in the pre-menopausal period. It helps the woman in these phases of life where there is weight gain, water retention, cellulite increase.

PINEAPPLE: The pineapple extract has anti-edematous and water retention effectiveness producing a positive action against cellulite. Very important for the management of prpteic foods. CENTELLA ASIATICA: Work positively on microcirculation and cellulite. Reduces swelling and heaviness in the legs and enhanges use of the intestinal passage preventing hemorrhoids. OPUNZIA: reduces the absorption of sugars and lipids. It has an important action on weight control. FOLIC ACID: For those who use the pill and decide to stop it, to think about a pregnancy we already have an accumulation of folic acid and prevent a malformation on the future fetus. VITAMINS: D3 C E B6 B2 B12.
The birth control pill creates a deficiency of these important vitamins that are released by LILIMED to supplement the deficiency.