Lactoferrin and the benefits for the immune system

WHAT IS LACTOFERRIN? Lactoferrin, is a glycoprotein capable of eliminate or decrease bacteria and fungi presence. In addition, this protein has got antioxidant properties and thanks to this function, it helps maintaining body-wellness through time; Lactoferrin has immunomodulatory properties,  these helps to strengthen the immune defense, and increase anti-infective properties. WHY IS LACTOFERRIN SO IMPORTANT? Lactoferrin is typical of […]

Lactoferrin and Immune System

Lactoferrin is found in milk and colostrum, i.e. in the milk produced in the mother’s breast three days after giving birth. We also find it in many secretions, such as saliva and tears, on the surfaces of the digestive system, respiratory systems and in all those areas exposed to the risk of attacks by fungi, […]